Are you looking to replace your carpets with something that doesn't get stinky when wet but not ready to commit to PlasDeck? Get great deals on Teak Flooring. One carton covers 10.75 square feet. If you are running out of cleaning product, try mixing a small cup of ammonia to a bucket of lukewarm water. Fissile and brittle with great dimensional stability. The wood texture is hard and ring porous. The resilient vinyl is waterproof and it’s rated for commercial-use so it can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Though the wood is not related to real teak, the look and feel is comparable. V353 / V489 Features: -Type: Deck Tiles.-6 Slat.-Box of 10 tiles.-Classic, elegant design.-Suitable for use in exposed locations.-Pre-treated, expertly kiln-dried, extremely durable premium plantation teak.-Mold, mildew, fungi, termites, rot and decay resistant.-Backed with unique plastic interlocking grid for easy installation.-Fast snap-together installation with no nails, staples or … Padma's Plantation is a nature inspired company that focuses on crafting furniture of natural materials including renewable resources like bamboo and rattan. Florida Teak is an importer and wholesaler of fine Burmese teak. We are direct importers of exotic hardwoods. The heartwood is a uniform golden brown without markings. Movement in Service = Movement in service is rated as small.Photosensitivity = Low. Sold as one carton containing four teak wood tile units. We also offer a wide variety of colours and grades to match your style. African plantation teak wood refers to the teak planted in Africa. These plantations keep the tree from being cultivated through harmful means. Plantation teak milled to your specs on our 54 knife rotary planer, flawless finish. Teak Flooring To accommodate a variety of flooring projects, our teak can be purchased raw or finished, planed, and bevelled to your exact specifications. Teak also has a slightly oily or greasy feel due to its natural oils. Over time with exposure to sunlight, the Cumaru species tends to become more uniform in color. Specialty prefinished hardwood flooring and authentic parquet. Gluing is good on freshly planed or sanded surfaces. Plantation teak is not a good choice for outdoor and marine applications but is perfect for indoor applications, especially for finished flooring. Our Teak & Holly, Diamond Plate, and Loncoin flooring are all extremely durable vinyl floors that are rated for marine use. $4.99. Novelteak is the largest FSC ® certified Teak producer and exporter in Central America with a fully integrated cycle from seed to final product. Novelteak’s forest management programs and industrial processes are FSC certified ensuring their impact is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable. Teak can have a leather-like scent when freshly milled. Allergies/Toxicity Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Teak has been reported as a sensitizer. In fact, if our flooring is submerged in water, it will actually float and rapidly dries. Take this time at home and knock out some home improvement tasks! As compared to particle board or laminate flooring, teak wood looks far superior. Burmese Teak is extremely stable and durable. One Size. Oil the floor regularly; Oiling the teak floor is important to keep its luster. When most people think of teak wood they think of outdoor furniture. Thus, African plantation teak wood is not as durable as Burma teak wood or Indonesian teak wood. Add a touch a luxury that lasts by going for this wood. Grain = The grain tends to be straight, though it can occasionally be wavy or interlocked. When you buy teak flooring from us, you can rest assured that you're also getting the best grade at the best price. A Teak Floor Will Be Beautiful & Durable For Years To Come. Brenco Exotic Woods is an American Manufactured Hardwood Flooring. The usual … Shop at and enjoy Fast & Free shipping on many items! ... Venteak Solid Plantation Teak Tongue and Groove Hardwood Flooring 1020 Sq Ft. $5,500.00. Teak hardwood is grown on plantations throughout tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Synonymous with luxury and timeless beauty, teak flooring offers discerning homeowners, architects and designers the unique look and … Brazilian Teak hardwood flooring is a great, long-lasting addition to any home. Color = Heartwood tends to be a golden or medium brown, with color darkening with age. One Size. Teak is one of the world's most popular hardwoods, the teak we sell is always grown on plantations. Teak also has a slightly oily or greasy feel due to its natural oils. Teak naturally repels termites and various other insects that typically cause harm to beautiful hardwood floors, making it naturally rot resistant. Fast growth and rushed harvest rates produce a lower quality wood that has less density and strength compared to old-growth Teak trees. Sku:10044289 $2.59/SFT. Moderate steam bending characteristics. ft. house located at 13840 S Teakwood Dr, Homer Glen, IL 60491 sold for $440,000 on Aug 15, 2020. We work with African Exotic Wood Species Only. … It tends to offer a golden to light brown color with dark coffee-brown accents that has a “wavier” grain than old-growth teak. MLS# 10713865. (MRED) Sold: 5 beds, 3.5 baths, 4956 sq. The color of plantation Teak is less lustrous and is slightly lighter in tone. Extensively used in ship and boat building for decking, rails, hatches, etc. Texture = The grain tends to be straight, though it can occasionally be wavy or interlocked. Our Parquet Teak Tiles can be cut to custom fit most any project as long as the cut end is put flushed against something. General Characteristics = Heartwood dark golden yellow, turning a dark brown with exposure, often very variable in color when freshly machined showing blotches and streaks of various shades; sapwood pale yellowish, sharply demarcated. Susceptible to insect attack. Solid Hardwood Floors Brazilian Teak Pre-finished-Cumaru-6"x6" SAMPLE. Very durable. Pre-drilling required for nailing. Local Pickup. Plantation teak is a tropical hardwood tree from the genus Tectona, endemic to Southeast Asia that is exclusively planted for the purpose of forestry management, for either commercial or ecological purposes.Although the genus Tectona is native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, primarily Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Thailand, the cultivation of plantation teak is … Brazilian Teak hardwood flooring, also know a Cumaru is one of the hardest flooring options available with a rating of 3,750 on the Janka scale. Plantation Teak is known as the king of the woods, for its undeniable durability, and striking grain color variation. Burmese Teak Hardwood Flooring . Our Teak Floor Tiles are made of 100% Plantation Grown Teak and will last a lifetime even untreated, outdoors and weathered! Texture is coarse, uneven and oily to the touch, sometimes with a white glistening deposit. Plantation Teak grows faster, making it more sustainable; however, trade-offs include a greater incidence of … It is considered a gold standard for decay resistance, and its heartwood is notably durable. It is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial so it does not promote the growth of mildew or mold. Boards produced from plantation Teak tend to crack and warp as a result of the fast growth. Teak has a rich, warm color, and highly functional. Being from smaller, … This teak has much more variation in grain and color and it readily accepts stains and varnishes. Strong and durable: Teak wood is very dense, its density being 720 kg/meter cube. Neither the face nor backing becomes saturated quickly by any liquid. Plantation Hardwood Floors | Bespoke, handcrafted plank and parquet hardwood floors for high-end residential, hospitality, restaurant, retail, corporate, and other commercial projects. Heartwood Teak provides an elegant piece with unique grain patterns and a beautiful rich color giving any area an immediate WOW factor. Medium bending and high crush strength. Furniture and cabinetmaking, flooring, garden furniture, chemical vats, fume ducts, laboratory benches, plywood, and decorative veneers. These stylish squares are easy to install and give your space a new look. Our interior Teak & Holly marine flooring is as ‘No Maintenance’ as our exterior wood-alternative products. sale! Small movement. Infinity Fabrics Luxury Woven Vinyl® Flooring is 100% recyclable, both the face and backing. or 470 kgImpact Strength = 25 In or 63 cmMaximum Crushing Strength = 7883 psi or 554 kg/cm2Shearing Strength = 1859 psi or 130 kg/cm2, Static Bending = 7304 psi or 130 kg/cm2Stiffness = 1,730,000 psi or 121,000 kg/cm2, Toughness = 227 inch-lbs or 261 cm-kgSpecific Gravity = 0.57Work to Maximum Load = 11 inch-lbs/in3 or 0.77 cm-kg/cm3Weight = 37 Lbs/Ft3 or 592 kg/m3Radial Shrinkage =2%Tangential Shrinkage = 5%Volumetric Shrinkage = 7%T/R Ration = 2.3. Grain straight, sometimes wavy; texture coarse, uneven (ring porous); dull with an oily feel; scented when freshly cut. $2.20/SFT. Brenco Exotic Woods, when the ordinary will not do!!! Extremely resistant to preservative treatment. 2300 Michigan Street | Hammond, Indiana 46320, American Manufactured African Exotic Species Hardwood Flooring. While not all Plantation-grown lumber is necessarily inferior, plantation Teak does not demonstrate the same level of quality as found in Burmese Teak. Teak Flooring. Silica content variable, up to 1.4% is reported. Teak flooring tiles are a terrific, weather-resilient option for your deck or patio. Sku:10049212 $14.99/EA. Add Free Sample to Cart Golden Teak 47 in Length Retro Fit Riser. We also have a large selection of domestic hardwoods. As an interesting side note, the high silica content of the soil in Myanmar also contributes to the species’ non-skid texture. Variations in drying rates can occur in individual pieces. Use sponge mop and special cleaning solution for hardwood. Grain is usually straight to slightly wavy. 5mm Golden Teak Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring - Lifetime Warranty. We have the lumber in stock and can manufacture your new Celtis floor to your specifications with a short lead time. Standing trees are girdled and left to dry for three years before felling. Its growth time is 15 to 25 years, as a result of which it is low in teak natural oils. Brenco Exotic Woods is currently the only North American Company importing on a regular basis, 40 foot containers of Celtis Lumber. Dries well, but slowly. PLANTATION TEAK. We are a bulk supplier of high-quality teak to boat-builders, architects and professional craftsmen across the USA and Caribbean. Medium resistance to cutting tools with a severe blunting effect. Teak decking, replacement boat flooring, aftermarket marine flooring, lwv, Infinity fabrics, Seagrass, bamboo boat flooring, Grass cloth, Infinity Fabric's Woven Vinyl Carpet Alternative. The floor is the foundation for your home interior design, make it gorgeous and durable with our Hardwood Teak Flooring. Scientific Name, Other Names: Plantation Teak, Teak, Djatos, Dodolan, Burma Teak, Djati, Genuine Teak, Gia Thi, Jati Sak, Kyun, Mai Sak, Pahi, Rangoon Teak, Rosawa, Sagon, Sagwan, Tadi, Teca, Teck, Tegina, Tekku, Tik, Tsik; Description: The moniker "Teak" has been affixed and assigned to a number of different woods seeking acclaim. Teak also has a slightly oily or greasy feel due to its natural oils. The high silica content in teak makes it an ideal wood to use when a slip resistant surface is needed and the natural oil … Teak also has … Scientific Name = Tectona grandisTrade Name = Burmese TeakFamily Name = VerbenaceaeSynonyms = Tectona thekaCommon Names =  Burma teak, Deleg, Djati, Djatos, Dodolan, Genuine teak, Gia thi, Giati, Jate, Jati, Jati sak, Jatih, Jatos, Java teak, Kaiti, Kulidawa, Kyoon-pen, Kyun, Mai sak, Maisak, Moulimein teak, Pahi, Rangoon teak, Rosawa, Sagon, Sagwan, Tadi, Teak, Teca, Teck, Tegina, Tekku, Thekku, Thukku, Tik, TsikRegions of Distribution = Africa, Central America, Oceania, and South East AsiaCountries of Distribution = Burma, Numerical Strength Properties and Data:Bending Strength =  14,742 psi or 1,036 kg/cm2, Crushing Strength = 1065 psi or 74 kg/cm2Density = 39 Lbs/Ft3 or 624 kg/m3Janka Hardness = 1070Hardness =1038 lbs. Florida Teak can supply almost any size order, milled to … Plantation Teak is grown rapidly and harvested as soon as possible to meet demand for low price Teak. It is very light brown in color. Timber cut from old trees is more durable than plantation grown teak. Low stiffness and resistance to shock. Costa Rica, Colombia, various other countries, Pahi, Mai Sak, Sagwan, Tekku, Sagon, Tegina, Jati Sak, Djati, Gia Thi. In an effort to preserve a natural resource, this teak is plantation grown and harvested to preserve the natural teak trees which are becoming endangered today. But teak is also used inside homes, for furniture and flooring, too.“Basic” softer than you would think (1155 on the Janka Hardness scale, softer than heart pine), based on its popularity, but it’s durable enough, and there are more exotic teak that … Stains well and takes a satisfactory finish, especially an oil finish. Fine machine dust is a skin irritant. Aside from soil chemistry, plantation Teak differs in another major way. 1-3/8 x 11-1/4 x 13-3/4 Unfinished Teak Cutting Board. When mopping a teak floor, make sure you don’t overly soak it, because it can cause water spots. Sku:10046956 $29.99/EA. Color = Heartwood tends to be a golden or medium brown, with color darkening with age. sale! Cumaru color tones vary from a dark, honey brown to a light golden yellow. The wood grains are distributed widely apart. Texture = The grain tends to be straight, though it can occasionally be wavy or interlocked. It is a great substitute for irresponsibly sourced teak that is also a lot more expensive. Dust may cause skin irritations.