I’ve been making refrigerator pickles with equal parts vinegar and water. Because everyone fills jars differently and because the cucumbers are all different sizes, I recommend making a larger amount of brine than is necessary. They aren’t left out on the counter at all. I know of a pickle plant that had to cut back. Hi Katie- There’s no secret to it. You could always dilute the vinegar flavour with more salty brine, but then they might verge on too salty. I eat a jar of Claussens (minimum) a week. Can these be made without the salt? And with the extras, I have a little habit of tossing in other vegetable odds and ends for vegetable pickles. I don’t really want to eat them out of the gallon jar, plus they take up a lot of room in the fridge that way. If I have to weigh the cucumber down in the brine with a mug, how to I lightly cover them with cheesecloth and a lid? Hmmm. Hi Barbara- Hi Dana- The extra brine is there because as the liquid evaporates in your pickle jars, you may want to top it off . *If at any point in the proceedings "fuzz" or "foam" develops on top of the brine, use a spoon to remove it. Put in fridge last night. I’m so glad you love it! They were easy and the end result was enjoyed by all. I made these. And my husband will too. I’m seriously addicted to Claussen pickles, and I can’t afford it! Looking forward to using this recipe. l then boil the Clausen brine and let it cool. So I cut the brine recipe in half, and yielded two quart jars of pickles. Hint for holding pickles under brine. I have not personally tried them in the refrigerator, but I’d say give it a go. If your counters are all sunny, you can store under the sink. If your seed heads are truly gigantic, you can reduce the number you put in by one or two. Why do they cost more? Can you put whole cucumbers in or do they have to be sliced. You can keep your popsicles* and those icy squeezy pop things whose name currently escapes me. Hi Wanda- If you’re using Morton’s Kosher Salt (not Diamond) the volume should be close enough to pickling salt to substitute it in equal amounts. Hi Angela- One cup of brine will definitely not be sufficient to cover the pickles. I am thinking that you may want to prepare double the brine for the pickles when you make them since you start the clock ticking on deterioration once you pull the pickles from the brine. I am saving the brine to make a batch of bloody marys with it…if it lasts that long! Hi Brenda- Can you let me know what type/brand of salt you used? What do you mean by pickling spices? It got here yesterday. Thanks so much, Patricia, and good luck! I followed this recipe exactly last season. Fresh CLAUSSEN Pickles, because they have never been processed, retain optimum flavor and crunch and … There is plenty of room between the sliced cukes, but they won’t float, which is great and I don’t have to worry about any touching the air. They are the bomb. Hi Connie- I’m sorry- this is not suitable for shelf storage. Well, I guess this boils down to an agree to disagree moment. It’s how I found the wipes and a few other things while on the road. Mine went cloudy day 3 but could be because I dug out the baggie and added a few more cukes on day 2. At least that made sense. Hi Alicia! Can i ptepare these in a stainless soup pot and then transfer to jars for storage? I can’t say with confidence how good your pickles are, as it depends on many conditions. I have quite a lot of spices still floating in the leftover brine. Plus I hate dealing with pork rib silverskin. Regards Christa, Hi Christa- I know people make pickles with all kinds of salt, but I haven’t personally tried making it with Himalayan pink salt. The waiting is hard. Thanks so much! I think you must secretly be the best friend I haven’t met yet! These are very crunchy. It is both a preservative and a flavouring agent. So: Would you mind if I linked this recipe (with credit to you of course) in a blog post on my website? Still can’t find them locally, but I did travel out of state for a “BLM protest” and found them in rural areas. Hi Bill- You didn’t do anything wrong. If it’s really warm, the fermenting process can take place much faster, but even so it should not be widespread mold after three days. Hi Thomas- I have mentioned it a couple of times in response either to you or to other readers, but four pounds of cucumbers when cut into spears or halves should just fit with the dill and spices and garlic when squeezed into the jar. “P.S. Thank you ! Cloudy brine is not bad, as long as you don’t have hair or fur at the top . We have quart jars on hand are confused as to how you use a gallon of brine when the pickles are going to cause displacement. what do you use for your picking spices?? Either your jars were not clean or your cukes were not clean or the vessel in which you mixed the salt and water were not clean. Mine have been in the fridge a week or so and are fizzy. Thank you so much for taking the time to rate the recipe and let me know you love them, Lynda! Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). 35 gm of salt, for a 3.5% solution, I’m so glad you love it, Melanie! Refrigerator pickles are a lot easier to make because they don’t require using the traditional canning process. I didn’t know it was a remedy. I made these, yum! Can you use minced garlic or do u need cloves? Just a note on an old wives tale. But I was wondering if that is normal for the taste difference to be present. Should I have left them in the bowl? I think if you find pickling cukes (which are not available year round…) which have a more pronounced cucumber flavour and swap out your pickling spices, you may prefer the finished product. I make pickles a lot but have never tried these and Claussen are my favorites! Don’t the spears stand up? Another dumb question. If they taste great, you’re in good shape! I have my first batch of these pickles down right now; I have used regular cucumbers instead of the pickling ones and noticed this morning when I checked them after 24 hrs. I have a great Mustard Pickle recipe if you want. LOL. Hi Jeanne- I haven’t tried that, but I think it should work in theory. Love it! I also love Claussen pickles and usually cannot make it home from the store with a whole jar. I also used ground coriander instead of seed. Mine are almost always cloudy, but I’m serving a family that has hearty immune systems and is not prone to getting ill. Hi Connie! Heather, my research shows that the cloudy area in fermented pickles (such as these) indicate the presence of lactic acid (a by-product of fermentation.) I,m hoping for a good turnout. I made a small batch of test pickles using this recipe last week and they came out wonderfully. They tasted awful, too! I’m afraid I haven’t messed around with any of the other sorts of cucumber available because I usually do this when pickling cukes are exploding out of the garden. Plus, the seed has the more traditional pickle flavour/strength. It means it has fermented! It depends on the type of salt you use, Jennifer! I grew up eating my Grandma’s homemade dill pickles like the supply was endless and moved on to canning my own pickles as soon as I had a kitchen of my own. I’ve only tasted one jar so far and we just love them. Or if they were gathered at intervals and some of them were older when they went into the brine, they may have already had the enzyme that causes softening released in them. Hi Liz- You will definitely have extra and you can keep it in a jar. I am not a fan of cloves in savoury pickles, but I always figure I’m a loner since most pickling blends include it! BUT, the end result was a pickle so salty that we couldn’t eat them. Etc. I will try this this weekend so thanks. I can easily find the mini thin skinned and English cucmber varieties. The pickles will be crispier if you start with refrigerated water, vinegar and cukes. Is this what you want? God bless!?? I made my own pickling spice from a recipe I found and added this to my brine. Thanks so much! So. One of my kids’ dumb-dick friends broke the control panel on the hot tub. Did you by any chance add the vinegar to the jar directly or did you mix it into the salt water before pouring over the cucumbers? I made batch of these on Sunday. My brine turned cloudy, all pickles are submerged, its day 4, now in the refrigerator. My latest find were the Safeway brand pickles, man… I was horrified to see the refrigerator shelf space formerly occupied by Claussen kosher dill spears at the Metro at College & Ossington (in Toronto) full, instead, of Strub's pickles. Hi Carol- No worries! I don’t expect miracles, and I will try your recipe again when my pickling size cucumber plants begin to produce. Could the recipe be halved? For a third batch of pickles, I tried another recipe that I found and had high hopes for the results. I looked at a different variety, same size jar (16 oz.) but they will be shelf stable if the PH is under 4.6. Hi Laura- These are not suitable for canning. Was the brine thick or just cloudy? If you’d prefer just to make a quart or two, you can certainly divide the spice amounts and amounts for the brine recipe by half or reduce by 3/4. Do you have a recipe for sweet pickles that is just as easy and crisp? It’s day 6 – I put the pickles in the fridge on day 5. Hi Veronica- These definitely need to be refrigerated! In our house, they rarely last that long because, as the saying  goes, “A pickle a day keeps sad times away.”. Will enjoy eating these this summer and hopefully make another batch at the end of the season. The acidity is not the right level for shelf-stability after canning. I followed the directions to the letter; just cut all ingredients in half. The recipe is accurate as written, and many people have been quite pleased with the results, so I think that may be the issue. This recipe is the only one that didn’t say to heat brine. What is in pickling spice I have a huge herb garden that I can probably make my own but not sure what is in it. ha! ) Could I just skim that off and eat the pickles or should I throw the whole batch out? It is the salt that inhibits mold while the lactic acid develops. Last week I suggested that homemade stock is a propitious sign for any restaurant. I love it no mater the season and now I just pour myself a small glass anytime of day. I sell my extras at work and never make enough to keep up with demand! I love the idea of spicier pickles. They do not contain anywhere near the amount of acidity to create a pickle that is shelf stable. Claus Claussen founded CF Claussen & Sons in 1870. My second would have been my Moms homemade bread and butter pickles. At over 400 stores nationally, isn’t Trader Joe’s ‘corporate America’? Hello And I’m not sure how burpless cucumbers differ from pickling cucumbers. . In a gallon jar (or large, wide-mouth, food-safe container) layer the dill heads or seed, garlic cloves and sliced cucumbers. They’re delicious, though! I drink pickle juice when I have a belly ache. I can’t wait to try out your recipe! Thank you! Apple Cider Vinegar, Dill Seed, and Ball Pickling Spices. To deal with frequent blisters a famous baseball pitcher was said to often soak his fingers in pickle brine, although the effectiveness of this was questioned by teammates and coaches, as well as currently by the CLAUSSEN team. Too sour. I have two questions: 1 What is pickling spices? I tried to download a picture but I couldn’t here. Do not screw a lid into place! Thanks. . Can anyone ease my mind? No worries about not fitting in all of the brine. I’ll try your tip. Does anybody know how claussens seals their Jars? So I made another smaller jar, and I stiiiillll had some left! ($4.29 each….That explains my search for a recipe. It sounds like a good time to stick them in the refrigerator! It’s the tannins in the tea that keep them crunchy. Four rolls were enough for a 14 day “flatten the curve” lie …unless of course I got sick. I also pickle green beans and end of the season green tomatoes with the same recipe. Those are definitely not pickling cucumbers, and while they might be tasty, they’ll definitely be different in texture. This is definitely the recipe I’ve been searching for all these years. I started to prepare the refrigerator pickles using a package of 6 pickling cucumbers. And I’m awfully glad to help bring some pickle happiness into your life. Thanks! Hey there, Grover. I use my own homemade pickling spice which omits cloves and cinnamon thereby more closely resembling Claussen… And if your pickles were soggy, you may have left the blossom end intact OR gotten old cucumbers. It’s only 4 days and I just put them in the fridge. My wife loves them ! 2 cups chopped CLAUSSEN Hearty Garlic Pickle Wholes (about 4) 2/3 cup dill pickle juice 1/4 tsp. I just made 20 jars of these as they are war less intimidating then processing them… But I think I misread the part about keeping them in the fridge. Thank you for your time, Always crunchy and garlicky, this perfect homemade pickle requires no special equipment, no canning experience, and tastes just like Claussen's refrigerated kosher dill pickles. Won’t the vinegar inhibit the lacto fermentation process? Maybe I am missing something. What a waste of time, waste of produce, waste of spices and herbs not to mention the expense and incredible waste of my time. Can I save the leftover brine? I would say you’re absolutely fine if you refrigerate it! And for the garlic cloves do they need to be chopped or just peeled? Eggs went through the same cycle but I couldn’t find anything to run through the meat grinder to make them. I as concerned that would create a sweet pickle, which I […], […] cumin-heavy brine. Hi Tara- This is a commonly sold blend you can find in most spice sections at grocery stores. How can i can these without cooking them. Can’t wait to try your recipe! It was a pay cut for me, but I was assured there was ample room for advancement. I use little pickling cucumbers for this, but larger pickling cucumbers would also work if you cut them down to size. Thanks for sharing for all of us pickle lovers! Finally, I pour the brine mixture into the two jars, and it exactly fills them to the top. The less likely issue (but still a possibility) is that it was just that batch of cucumbers. Here’s what I did. Jack. But really, I knew he was onto something when I had a glass of ice cold pickle juice on a hot day and felt like a million bucks.
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