It will chip, crack, burn and etch the same way from the same chemicals and abuse. There was a defect on a small piece so they came back several hours with a new cut . 2nd, as someone who has installed MSI statuary classique in a previous home, I can vouch for using lacquer thinner for cleaning tough stains. I have tried magic eraser, bar keeper and a granite cleaner. Quick View. I like that it isn’t stark white and it comes with the bottom grid which i love and leave in all the time, it helps protect against setting dishes in too hard and also keeps the sponges elevated off the sink so they can actually dry out! Can you get confirmation on when your sample was produced? Marbella White Quartz Countertop . Breton does license to at least one Chinese company now--I don't know what the brand name is. So instead of trying to choose one I’d rather give you a list of good options. It has not stained, cleans beautifully and easily. I would like to know how this gets resolved as when I called Cambria about my tiny chips I was told that it is up to the company that sold the Cambria to decide if you get charged. Here are OUR KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS the next day - stains everywhere from water. I tried the solution below numerous times but it did not help at all. The countertops they brought were very warm toned. The latest was a small bright pink Post-It note that got wet. Calacatta verona picture. With our extensive knowledge and supply of stone varieties, we can help you achieve the perfect balance of beauty and functionality in your new space. No haze or loss of gloss. I live in Maryland. I understand some of the more decorative or elaborate edge profiles also have upcharges. Call Today Directions. We have clients come in our showroom all the time and tell us that they got quoted thousands less for other brands of quartz. Since quartz is man-made, the manufacturers can set the prices competitively. I have small spots where the finish dulled. A favorite premium countertop material by kitchen and bathroom designers, quartz is often confused with natural stone and solid surface countertop materials. From experience, they do change the "background" formula. 3850 Blvd. A rep came out and filled it telling me that just like a diamond it has flaws because its a natural stone....umm no, it’s just defective. If the fabricator can't accommodate that, then you need a new fabricator. I have Cambria and absolutely love it. One country he visited was China and he rejected their product. And to be honest, it’s actually one I’ve been wanting to write since finishing our kitchen makeover back in OCTOBER, but it just kept getting pushed off and pushed off. I believe they are both fossil grey but MSI has such terrible manufacturing there is no quality control! What will keep it glossy and not dull the finish? That sucks that it chipped! With Cambria a lot of what you are paying for is the marketing and branding as well as the definition they put into their colors. At this point. The rounding is subtle. They need top the money into a better quality product. Marva is afraid they can't charge you enough to make it worthwhile to do the repairs. BrendaWilson09 - Question please - what edge finish did Cambria rep create around your sink? We have chosen Cambria “Colton” for our kitchen remodel. Nephele Sellountos Delis Cambria is no different to any of the other quartz manufacturers. We installed MSI Calacatta Luccia in our kitchen and absolutely love it. Quartz countertops have many advantages, including durability, appearance, and stain-resistance. I live the way it looks but my live stops there. I’m sure there are other options to Cambria that are high quality, I just would be careful about the products made in China. I have read that the reason many Quartz manufacturers based in China have been able to keep their prices down is due to the fact they are dumping it in the US for less than the cost. Cambria can you look at changing your policy. Owner claims it is a DEFECTED product. I have no experience other than this with other brand. Bring your sample to verify the color. We are looking for GRANITE LIGHT SLABS and will never buy quartz again. CALACATTA LAZA MSI Q QUARTZ COUNTERTOP. I knew they are problematic, but not that horrible..they have no excuse for messing it up so badly. An Honest Review of Our White Quartz Countertops. We were told the showroom display was old formula, slab warehouse was the newer, whiter formula... could be what happened to you.Hope you get it resolved to your full satisfaction. I too was torn but couldn’t justify another $1000 for our small kitchen. Help please! I’m not sure what you’re saying. If they did, you'd be fixed right away. Live and learn, trust but verify is the lesson sadly. 1 2 3 … 8 Next » MS International, Inc. is one of North America’s leading distributors of counter top products. And it's not just MSI. Improper use or abuse including but not limited to, damage from mishandling of the product, damage from excessive heat or uneven exposure to weather conditions, physical or chemical abuse and damage from improper care and maintenance. We re-did our kitchen two years ago and I subscribed to this thread then when we were trying to decide on countertops. Here you have your MSI quartz one day old after installation. Call Today: (503) 588-0180. I tried to call MSI directly but you have to go through your installer. We’ve had it for about a year and have had not issues with staining, scratching, or chipping. I called MSI sales rep and asked if I can expect a color variance from the sample, I also did a live chat on the computer to get it in writing, and in both communications they stressed the slab colors match the samples 100% and I could expect NO color variance. so glad we stumbled onto this. Toasted A lmond Quartz . Red, yellow or green bloom can occur with any white stone after it has been installed. Live and learn, don't trust without verifying is the lesson. Also, I would never work with a fabricator that doesn’t allow a template/layout review of the actual slab(s) before cutting. It closely resembles natural marble with soft brown veining all over milky white background. The best way to avoid this problem is by using man made quartz or another color. Meagan. If you are considering a premium countertop, you certainly want to look into engineered quartz. 571-888-6868. That Q-quartz cleaning instructions sheet also says to only use WHITE Scotch Brite scrub pads, not the green or red ones, which contain aluminum oxide (well, some website with quartz cleaning directions said that, anyway). So many sites said Dawn soap was fine, and that Bar Keepers Friend was fine. MSI. I have a viable reason. I picked Ceasarstone Frosty Carrina and the sample and company descriptions were ivory white with light grey veining but what the fabricator installed looked like a light grey countertop. We have had MSI quartz for a year now and it looks as good as new. Also with the Cambria warranty, does it have to be installed by one of their specific dealers? However, it has achieved rapid growth in a span of five years, improving thrice the size of its plant as it had originally been at 150,000 square feet. I have some mild issues with quality throughout (a ding that was filled but not sanded perfectly, a place where a label was removed from the slab where the outline is still seen at an angle) that could be installer or quartz quality issues, but I chose this brand because it was offered at an aggressive discount, and I chose to spend more for other items: marble backsplash, custom cabinets, Brizo faucets, and have a simpler countertop. Those two look like natural Marble. I called Cambria and was told their warranty doesn’t cover chips. I suggest that you ask to SEE the slab, BEFORE it is fabricated to make sure the color is OK. me instructions from MSI CLEARLY states"if needed, Bon Ami and Bar Keepers Friend are both approved non abrasive cleaning powders that will clean without affecting Q's finish".After follewing the instructions given by MSI I can say- DON'T DO IT! There is a long list of colors listed as "NA" at the Orange County "manufacturing" Facility. Categories: MSI Quartz, Quartz Tags: calacatta, countertop, MSI Quartz, quartz. I purchased my countertops February 2020 and since the moment they installed the countertops we knew something was wrong. ROMANO WHITE MSI Q QUARTZ COUNTERTOP. Cambria is made in the USA, it has a lifetime warranty on it. I have Caesarstone countertops in another house and chipped the edge by barely grazing it with a jelly jar. In all the videos I seen online, the MSI Prestige Pink Laptop looked more pink than the Razer Quartz edition laptops. Calacatta Laza . Also they are all highly caustic at the same level as drain cleaner of a pH 10 which is a harsh chemical. This countertop is beautiful, but scars easily. MSI is saying all the lots have the pink tinge which do not match their samples, what?? I've paid in full and I don't feel like they are going to be willing to cooperate. The Cambria rep quoted us at $9800 for 36sqft vs $2200 - $2800 for the other 3 companies, no thanks. I have a $500.00 minimum charge even if you live on my street and the job takes 10 minutes. I don't think they know much about how it performs over time. She was not able to find which ones were Breton/Non Breton.... but did mention they no longer accept quartz from China due to the tariffs. I have cambria quartz and it looks great.; So thankful I found this thread... we were considering MSI quartz and after researching. Any polish, wax, sealer or enhancer will do exactly that. I have Cambria and absolutely love it. No Cambria, but I have Caeserstone in one bathroom. Also does anyone know where cashmere carerra and glacial white come from and if Breton technology is used? This is the reply I received just now from the online rep -. Cambria and MSI just seem to have a different place in the market from each other and neither is a bad thing. I just had MSI Calacatta Laza quoted and came back approx 100 per sqft. Thank you for posting this. Introducing Q Premium Natural Quartz™, the latest in elegant and durable natural quartz from MSI. We are researching other companies at this point. Would you be able to give our Cambria customer care team a call at 866-226-2742 and request to speak with Chris Donaldson? Browse Gadgets. the counter by the sink is all stains.. I contacted Marva Marble over a week ago and sent them the few details the receptionist requested and was told someone would contact me about taking care of the chips. Which looks terrible I never would have chosen that. Anybody with install pictures? Read the warranty! I never allow stains to sit on my counter top: I remove water and other liquids almost immediately from the surface. My installer contacted her MSI rep, and he sent her instructions (see below) for removing hard water stains. Thank you. We sent photos to the owner and he is willing to replace all the counters. Read All Reviews. After much debate we chose MSI Alabaster White. Cambria is fairly new in the field of quartz countertops. If you would like us to review your countertops we would be happy to send out a technician, simply give our Cambria Customer Care team a call at 866-226-2742. They've been selling it for a few years now and should have that feedback from actual customers. Quartz chip repair kit for any engineered or quartz stone, including all brands and colors. Why also MSI have on their warranty have an out for what they recommend for cleaning and stain removal. Glacier White. The soft white background is complemented by tonal veins, resulting in a marble look that’s unmistakably classic. I did not think that the discount through a large MW retailer represented lower quality material, just a plainer countertop, which suited our design needs. Cambria is sealed when it’s manufactured as an anti-bacterial surface. They look just as good as when they were installed. I paid over $8900 for my countertops and I am Definitely disappointed with MSI I wished went With a different Company, MSI lacks quality and customer service. My Cambria countertops now look like new and I am very happy with Cambria’s customer support. At your convenience please contact our Cambria customer care team at 866-226-2742 and request to speak with Chris Donaldson. Marble, granite, quartz, travertine etc. Light granite countertops coming son...Good luck! Trying to make a decision between MSI Calacutta Verona and Cambria Brittanica or Torquay.
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