This will force the lines of text to expand and break onto other lines – to ‘reflow.’. EPUBs are designed using a layout software of your choice, that’s suitable for exporting to an EPUB format. When you’re done, use the Compile feature to export it to e-book formats like MOBI, EPUB and Kindle. Most text-heavy books, like novels, will be set in a reflowable EPUB format. Before you start Complete Writing Is Designing: Words and the User Experience PDF EPUB by Michael J. Metts Download, you can read below technical ebook details: Full Book Name: Writing Is Designing: Words and the User Experience; Author Name: Michael J. Metts A great choice if you’re on a tight budget, Sigil is completely free to download and use. It was also selected as one of PrintMag’s 25 Best Design books. If it’s images that you need then you can choose from an enormous library of professional stock photos. Reflowable EPUBs are designed to adapt to almost any screen size — their responsive format means that the book will be legible on any device, whether it’s an eReader, tablet, or computer. A reflowable EPUB contains ‘live text’, which you can select, highlight and search. 1. October 2014 half-term: 3 days writing non-stop. Our video tutorials cover a wide range of digital publishing concepts, ebook software, and design applications including InDesign and iBooks Author. If you’re creating a standard reflowable EPUB book (more about that below), you will also need to ensure the Facing Pages box is not checked. Taught by Emmanuel Nataf - Start this course. Sie können ausgewählte Seiten in EPUB konvertieren, falls Sie nur Teile der konvertierten PDF-Datei benötigen. Small Businesses Convert your blog posts and videos into ebooks to use as lead magnets to grow your subscribers, which in turn you can use to grow your customer base. Admittedly, this was the hardest part of the entire process. Start My Free Month Writing Is Designing. Calling all wordsmiths. Once you’ve picked your design software, created your EPUB, added a dash of interactivity, and sized your cover for your eBook store of choice, you can officially crown yourself as an EPUB expert! In the window that opens you can choose the Version for your EPUB (look up the version recommended by your eBook store of choice), and either Rasterize First Page or Choose Image from the Cover drop-down menu. Write the ebook. QuarkXPress and Microsoft Publisher have a similar interface to InDesign, while Scribus is a great free alternative, available for Windows and Linux. A fixed layout EPUB has a ‘fixed’ design, meaning it doesn’t behave responsively. FlipHTML5 is the best eBook Creation … The authors are influential figures in the field, razor-sharp wordsmiths, and definitely prove that writing has a seat at the table when it comes to designing … Jetzt eBook herunterladen & mit Ihrem Tablet oder eBook Reader lesen. Scrivener is an advanced writing software for authors who write novels and screenplays. Other major eBook stores* that you can check out are: *A word of caution—different eBook stores may require different sizes and resolutions for your EPUB cover, so be sure to check out the store’s requirements before uploading. You’ll see that writing is designing. Toks Towobola says. BlueGriffon is another great software choice for creating EPUBs, and is probably best suited to more traditional, text-heavy publications. Interactive elements, such as video content and animation, add an extra-special touch to EPUBs. Try Shutterstock Editor for an intuitive, simple way to create book covers – add images and text, then customize further with filters, shapes, and more tools. (The article was updated on July 16, 2018.) Mit InDesign CC ist die Gestaltung von validen EPUB-Dateien kein Hexenwerk mehr. eBook format 101: create an eBook that doesn’t suck. If you’ve designed an eBook that’s heavy with graphics in a beautiful layout, chances are you’d like to maintain its appearance when you export it to the EPUB format. You can also use the Articles panel (Window > Articles) to arrange content in a particular order. A fixed layout EPUB is just that—the layout is fixed and doesn’t behave responsively when the reader views it. Once you’ve done the brain dump, start arranging the content according to your outline and build your book from there. The field of digital publishing is relatively young, and as a result there’s no single market leader in digital publishing software. Most text-heavy publications, like novels and textbooks, will be set in a reflowable EPUB format. That, by itself, is alright. It’s a WYSIWYG editor, like Sigil, and works for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Easter 2015: one week re-writing … Once you’ve designed your EPUB, you’re ready to share it with the rest of the world! Crafting an eBook is easier than ever with InDesign in your … By Michael J. Metts and Andy Welfle. But writing a book is the hardest part. If you haven’t set up your document as a Book file, simply go to File > Export and choose EPUB from the Format drop-down menu. And if you fancy yourself a bit of an illustrator, you can even upload your own drawings to give your eBook that artistic and personal touch. By Michael J. Metts and Andy Welfle. Ideally, you can organize the content of an eBook to mimic a novel, textbook, or a magazine depending on your topic. To help your reader along, it’s important to organize your book before you export. The book itself is an example of well-organized, clear, concise, and accessible content. Different eBook stores set different cover size standards, so you will have to check in advance what their current recommendations are. Learn how to create an interactive PDF, use iPad in a classroom setting, and much more. This article provides in-depth instructions for creating a book in Pages. This sort of format offers readers flexibility in terms of font size and improving navigation. Once you have finished writing in MS Word, you can then simply convert it to the ePUB … iBooks Author is an easy-to-use, intuitive and stylish app for creating EPUBs. As the name suggests MS Word to EPUB Converter is a tool that helps alter MS Word documents to ePUB for free. Dictation Tools for Writing an Ebook. Without words, apps would be an unusable jumble of shapes and icons, while voice interfaces and chatbots wouldn’t even exist. This piece the three major steps and a slew of free tools to help you format and design an ebook from start to finish, no design skills necessary. Whether you’re aiming to be the next eBook sensation, or just looking to dip a toe into the world of EPUB design, it’s certainly an expanding and exciting world to be a part of. Read up on tips for creating books in Adobe InDesign, or discover our dedicated book design section to find even more inspiration for your next project. Your layout arrangements and effects, such as transparencies and gradients, will remain intact. Considered the creme de la creme of graphic design primers, this updated version continues to earn stellar reviews for its latest compilation of design basics. See how Adobe InDesign can help you write, design, and publish your eBook. An effective writer is able to distill complex thoughts and ideas into simple, clear language that's quickly and easily understood by others. By focusing on individual chapters, you can focus on what you need to write. Adding touch-sensitive page-turning to your EPUB can also make the reader’s experience more immersive, and imitate that real-life page-turning action. It is amazing how resistant many people are to the requirements for good design or good writing. Now you can. When you’re ready go ahead and click OK to create your exported EPUB. Every book needs a fabulous cover, but designing covers for eBooks is a little different from designing for hard copies. Filed Under: Contributing Writers, E-Books & Readers Tagged With: David Kudler, e-books, ebook, ePub. Creating an ebook means converting your document into one or more of the several ebook formats. Book design is that under-appreciated step of the publishing process that can make or break a book. Design an Ebook: 3 Steps (and Free Tools) for Self-Published Authors 1. Both reflowable and fixed layout EPUBs are in line with the most recent specification for EPUBs, which is 3.0.1. Our free reading app, now with EPUB 3 support for media-rich documents. © 2013-2020 Shutterstock Inc. All rights reserved. So, if you export your EPUB to one of the above formats, you’re ready to go ahead and sell your eBook on a commercial eBook or eMagazine site. If you’re a self-published author and you have no experience distributing books, EPUB is definitely the best format. You’ll learn how to create an EPUB document that stays true to its original design while preserving live text, complex layouts, rich media, and interactivity. We went over how to identify if there’s a market for your ebook idea and that creating personas can help fill most of your content. If you’re new to the EPUB game, this article will take you through the process of getting started—from which software to use to design your EPUB, to where to sell your work. If you’ve set up a Book file, choose Export Book to EPUB from the Book window’s drop-down menu. All these free eBook creation software are well popular for designing simple, stylish and intuitive eBooks. But book design doesn’t have to be that hard. To create an e-book, you need to enter your content just like you would a regular book. Writing an ebook can be a lengthy process if you don’t know where to start or understand the steps you need to follow. There are two main formats for EPUBs, which you will have to choose between depending on the style of publication you are aiming for. My approach. Opting to produce your book as an EPUB instead of a print paperback or hardback has many advantages. Instead it appears as it was intended by the designer, which makes it a better format for image-heavy eBooks and eMagazines. We’ll cover tips for creating EPUBs in InDesign in this article, but there are other software options available if you’d rather try something different or a little more budget-friendly. For example, if it’s important that a certain image appears after a certain piece of text in the exported EPUB, you can use the Articles panel to set the order of text frame and image frame. Foreword by Sara Wachter-Boettcher. 'Writing is Designing' was the first book I read on the topic. 1. Adobe Digital Editions. InDesign also has excellent capabilities for EPUB design, with options that will help you create both fixed-layout and reflowable eBooks (skip to Tip 3 below to find out more). For this reason, the design needs to be optimized to attract casual browsers. Perfectly suited to creating apps and EPUBs, DPS allows you to design complex layouts for digital devices without the need for coding. InDesign also has excellent capabilities for EPUB design, with options that will help you create both fixed-layout and reflowable eBooks (skip to Tip 3 below to find out more). When you first open up InDesign, and go to File > New > Document, make sure to choose Digital Publishing from the Intent drop-down menu at the top of the window. Adobe has also created this software, which is aimed directly at digital publishers. Writing Qualitative IS Literature Reviews—Guidelines for Synthesis, Interpretation, and Guidance of Research Guido Schryen Department of Business Information Systems, University of Regensburg, Germany Abstract: The literature review is an established research genre in many academic disciplines, including the IS discipline. Sitting down to write a book can be daunting. The EPUB format is an open digital book (eBook) standard from the International Digital Publishing Forum. They had to go through great difficulties to master the system, and they are rightfully proud of having done so. You can also change the size of the text and even the typeface in a reflowable EPUB. Writing Is Designing. BlueGriffon is a paid-for subscription-based programme. This book is written (dare I say designed?) Written by Addy Osmani, Learning JavaScript Design Patterns will show you how to write beautiful, structured, and maintainable JavaScript by applying classical and modern design patterns to the language. In order to turn your book into a functional eBook, your manuscript document (.doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .html, etc.) FlipHTML5 – Strongly recommend. If you’re looking to launch your first self-published book, or simply want to know a bit more about the basics of creating EPUBs (short for electronic publication) in Adobe InDesign, this is a great quick-start guide. Write and publish ebooks using our built in creator or convert your web or Word content directly into PDF, Kindle format (mobi) and epub. She's a self-confessed 'print geek' and loves all things InDesign, print design, and branding. Diese Software erfordert eine gute Systemkonfiguration, wobei zu berücksichtigen ist, dass die Software einige der High-End-Services bereitstellt. The final result may appear a bit more like a PDF (though take note that a PDF is different to an EPUB). Check out these additional articles on the world of publishing: Apply the coupon code PICK10FREE at checkout. InDesign CC is subscription-based, with different payment options for schools, individuals and businesses, but if you’re looking for complete control and professionalism in your EPUB design, InDesign certainly won’t disappoint. In order to turn your book into a functional eBook, your manuscript document (.doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .html, etc.) Anchoring effectively binds an element (e.g. Turn simple text into a polished ePub book. Once you have your basic EPUB layout in place you can add animations (try out Adobe Edge Animate), interactive engagement and eLearning content (Adobe Captivate is perfect for creating quizzes and tests) and videos. You can learn more about David here. It also interacts fluidly with other Adobe software, like Photoshop and Illustrator, allowing you to move content easily between the programmes. Dictation Tools for Writing an Ebook. This actually works really well for more complex eBooks and eMagazines, that perhaps contain a lot of images and have intricate layouts that would suffer if they had a reflowable digital format. Without words, apps would be an unusable jumble of shapes and icons, while voice interfaces and chatbots wouldn’t even exist. If you’re looking to create your first EPUB, there’s something important you need to be aware of—that EPUBs come in two different formats, called Reflowable and Fixed Layout. Write your eBook. Generally eBook covers are viewed initially at small size as thumbnails on a store’s website. A book's cover is going to determine whether the book gets picked up in a book store, or clicked upon on Amazon. Place the cover artwork either on the first page of your InDesign document, or create a separate image file, which you can set as the cover when you export your eBook. Simplify the process, and turn your publishing dream into a reality. By the end of the first video, you’ll understand the differences … I followed a few steps that actually made the process a whole lot easier. Knowing what to write about is one thing, focusing on one person and engaging with that persona is another. If your eBook needs to adhere to a certain brand palette just enter the hex code of the colors you need to use to customize design elements. February 2015 half-term: 3 days re-writing sections 2 and 3. If you’re working on a long book with a number of chapters or sub-sections, you can set up your InDesign document as a Book file (File > New > Book). To avoid images and text frames shifting into odd positions, you should anchor elements on your InDesign document before exporting. Crafting an eBook is easier than ever with InDesign in your corner. All these free eBook creation software are well popular for designing simple, stylish and intuitive eBooks. Grace is a graphic designer and design writer from the UK, based in Bordeaux, France. I am experienced Ebook designer and formatter, with other multidimensional skills like Photoshop expert and graphic designer. Looking for inspiration and tips to start your eBook design? It’s not a very simple process, but there are great tutorials online on how it’s done. He is also an author, an editor, an ebook designer and a writer for the Huffington Post. Shares. Here are some of the popular options for creating EPUBs and eMagazines, some of which are paid-for and some free: An (obvious) favorite of the InDesignSkills team, this print publishing giant has been adapted for designing EPUBs (look to the most recent CC version of the software for the most updated EPUB adaptation), and you can export existing designs to both reflowable and fixed layout formats. Then download as an Interactive PDF. The problem is more obvious in writing because so many more people write than design. 1. Even though the current release of CC has been specifically tailored to accommodate the growing demand to have more EPUB-friendly features, you can also easily create EPUBs in CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 using the same basic techniques. =With this in mind, when you’re creating a fixed layout EPUB be sure to choose a highly legible font and make the font size and leading generous. In InDesign, you can adjust text formatting from the Character and Paragraph panels (Window > Type & Tables > Character/Paragraph). You can also change the size of the text and even the typeface in a reflowable EPUB. Along with the option to add a URL, you can select pages within the eBook. An EPUB (Electronic Publication Format) is a broad term which applies to a range of different digital publications. Turn simple text into a polished ePub book. Although we already mentioned how to size your eBook correctly in Tip 5, above, sizing your cover artwork is quite different. A reflowable EPUB contains ‘live text’, which you can select, highlight and search. Photo: With Pages, you can export your documents in the EPUB format so they can be read using the Books app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or with third-party EPUB readers. We’ll even upload your book to your chosen retailers on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on the most important part of all: writing. If you want to edit the resolution of images in your exported EPUB, click on the Image option in the left-hand menu and adjust the available options. This will allow you to set the dimensions of your pages in pixels (px). Just like a web page, the structure of an EPUB is based on HTML, and the EPUB can be viewed on a number of digital devices, including tablets, laptops, desktop computers and specialist eReader devices. You do not need to worry about the type of document you are writing your eBook on. See how Adobe InDesign can help you write, design, and publish your eBook. Custom-design your reader to deliver media-rich ebooks with EPUB 3 support. It offers an interface that looks clear and is easy to use and comprehend. We’ll build a relationship and develop your brand across ebook, print, digital and marketing. Foreword by Sara Wachter-Boettcher. You can adjust how the anchored element will appear once exported (i.e. Jetzt eBook herunterladen & mit Ihrem Tablet oder eBook Reader lesen. There are now so many ways to integrate more interactive content into your EPUB designs. Start with the desired result (teaching an idea, skill, or process) and then work backward. Create a structure and then organize your writing around it. Der Xilisoft PDF zu EPUB-Konverter versucht, Layout und Struktur Ihrer PDF-Dokumente so gut wie möglich beizubehalten, um so die besten Ergebnisse zu erzielen. She shares her experience in the design industry via blogs and her e-teaching business, Adobe PDF to EPUB Converter ist ein großartiges Werkzeug zur Konvertierung von PDF in EPUB, hat aber einige Nachteile, die die Verwendung etwas komplizierter machen. If you convert your book into these three … This will force the lines of text to expand and break onto other lines; to ‘reflow’. Here we are going to unveil 10 best eBook creation software for writers and publishers to polish their works in an amazing way. This software is great if you’re going to be creating more traditional EPUBs, with less interactive content, and it also gives you direct control over the code, which is a handy option to have. Creating and publishing your own eBooks and eMagazines is so much fun, and can be financially rewarding too! A reader might purchase an eBook on the basis of the visual impact of the cover, but once that reader starts using the eBook, it’s really the written content that matters above anything else. While you’re designing your eBook, select the text you’d like to turn into a link, and click the link icon in the top bar. If you want to add lots of images, diagrams, background color and interactive elements (such as video or animation) to your book, a fixed layout EPUB will be more appropriate. Start with the outline, then do a brain dump of everything in your head. Give emphasis to the typography of your book, blowing up the title to an exaggerated size, and setting the text in a highly contrasting color to the background. Because of this, almost all e-readers support .epub including Amazon … Design and publish ebooks, and transition your workflow from print to digital publications. So if you think most readers will access your publication on a tablet, for example, you should size your InDesign document to fit the most standard size of a tablet screen. You can add individual chapters to this master book file (click on Add Document in the Book window’s drop-down menu), and adjust the page numbering of your sections. Writing a book is hard enough, and you shouldn’t have to deal with clunky, unintuitive eBook publishing software on top of it. You can make your own eBook from a wide range of Input formats (AZW, AZW3, AZW4, CBZ, CBR, CBC, CHM, DJVU, DOCX, EPUB, FB2, HTML, HTMLZ, LIT, LRF, MOBI, ODT, PDF, PRC, PDB, PML, RB, RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT, and TXTZ), and convert them into any popular eBook format like EPUB, DOCX, HTML, MOBI, PDF,TXT, etc. Expressive Writing als Download. When it comes to writing software, most writers still swear by Scrivener.We already have an article on what we liked and didn’t like about it.But writing … You’ll see that writing is designing. 23 Book Covers Show What Goes into Best-Seller Design, 7 Perfect Typesetting Fonts for Books and Magazines, Mastering Minimalism in Book Cover Design with Oliver Munday, Learn How to Make Book Covers in This Comprehensive InDesign Tutorial, The Top 6 Free and Paid Book Cover Design Software, 5 Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in InDesign. Why am I focusing on creating a template for a chapter rather than one for an entire book? You can do that in the editor. It can be easy to create eBook layouts in InDesign, but creating book covers might require more design skills. Here you can find current cover size standards recommended by Amazon (Kindle), Apple iBooks, and Lulu. They can liven up educational eBooks, and keep eMagazine readers engaged with an extra level of content to explore. If you’re typesetting a novel, a reflowable format is probably going to be best; readers will be able to blow up the size of text to help make it more legible; and they’ll also be able to search the book to find particular words, passages or chapters. You'll see that writing is designing… an image or shape) to a certain piece of text within a text frame. As a specialist publishing program, Adobe InDesign has always been the book designer’s software of choice when it comes to creating print books. Book Design 101. must be converted to another file format (ePUB for most eReading devices, and .mobi for Kindle).. FlipHTML5 – Strongly recommend. Writing is Design provides a warm welcome into the world of UX writing. WELTBILD und Partner brauchen Ihre Zustimmung (Klick auf „OK” ) bei vereinzelten Datennutzungen, um unter anderem Informationen zu Ihren Interessen anzuzeigen. You can use this template for both PDF and EPUB books and modify it to suit your needs. Make sure the typeface is clear and easy to read, and conveys the genre of your book instantly. Hier gibt’s das Tutorial als EPUB- und MOBI-Datei. That’s great for you, as this gives you lots of choice, and depending on your budget and skillset you can choose a software that’s going to suit your needs perfectly. Once you’ve created a cover, typeset the pages and organised the sections of your book, you’re ready to export your hard work as an EPUB file. To anchor an image or shape to an item of text, Edit > Copy the element, click your Type Tool (T) cursor into the correct position in the text frame and Edit > Paste the element directly into the text frame. One of the things that stands out when talking to designers and long-term users of poorly designed systems is that these people take great pride in their skills. As you browse through the programs we reviewed, consider whether each one’s interface and support options fit your needs. EPUBs don’t need to be printed, so the cost of producing them is low — all you’ll need to do is purchase InDesign (or download a 30-day free trial from the Adobe website) and commit some time to designing. The light from these devices can strain the eye, and you also don’t want your reader to have to zoom in on the page just to be able to read. must be converted to another file format (ePUB … Calling all wordsmiths. When you’re done you can simply upload your book to one of many online eBook stores, and start sharing your book with the world! Here is a list of best free eBook Creator software for Windows.These eBook maker software are absolutely free to use, and help you to convert documents formats like: DOCX, HTML, ePUB, PDF, DJVU, and TXT to various eBook formats such as: ePUB… The problem is that the difficulties b… If you’re designing a visual-heavy EPUB, like a magazine or photo book, a fixed layout EPUB format is probably going to give you the best result. InDesign will also suggest some default page sizes suitable for digital publishing formats, such as Kindle, iPad and iPhone. Comments. Some EPUB softwares are designed to link you directly with an eBook store, such as Apple iBooks Author, which encourages you to upload your completed EPUB for sale on the Apple iBooks Store. Graphic Design: The New Basics (Second Edition) was listed on FastCo Design’s roundup of the top books every designer should read. To set up a basic design template for your eBook: The most commonly known and commonly used EPUB format is the eBook, which can be read on EPUB-compatible devices, like readers and tablets. Kommunikationsdesignerin Andrea Nienhaus zeigt uns den kompletten Workflow bis zum publizierbaren E-Book. Because it's easier to write and manage individual chapters than it is to work on a single monolithic document. We already have an article on what we liked and didn’t like about it. Online, Standard licenses only. People will buy your eBook because they want to learn how to do something. Adobe eBook Platform for Educators. Writing Is Designing: Words and the User Experience by Michael J. Metts – eBook Details. July 29, 2020 at 4:24 pm. The key to selling eBooks is to write simply and clearly. its position in relation to the text) by going to Object > Anchored Objects > Options and adjusting the position to Inline or Above Line, or Custom. eBook Shop: Expressive Writing It's Easy to W.R.I.T.E. However, you should maintain a uniform and simple design that enhances readability. The most common are .epub, .mobi, and .pdf. While print books will never lose their tactile appeal, eBooks have carved out their own lucrative niche in the publishing market. If you think about it, a reader might blow up the size of the text or change the typeface, if they’re accessing a reflowable EPUB. Developing Writing Skills for IELTS, eBook pdf (pdf eBook) von Sin Wang Chong, Xuejun Ye bei als Download für Tolino, eBook-Reader, PC, Tablet und Smartphone. Learn how to give your users clarity, test your words, and collaborate with your team. When it comes to writing software, most writers still swear by Scrivener. EPUB (ePublication) The .epub format is similar to .mobi, but it’s a free, open-source standard for e-book publishing. Words make software human-centered, and require just as much thought as the branding and code. My goal is to provide quality of work and customer satisfaction. This book will show you how to give your users clarity, test your words, and collaborate with your team. During our research, we paid attention to each program’s layout and design and assigned it a grade based on how intuitive its interface is. It’s an open-source EPUB creation software package for Windows, Mac, and Linux. December 2014: one week re-writing section 1. Remember that you don’t have to write your whole eBook in one sitting. Designing an E-book Layout. Start by Formatting Your Manuscript One of the greatest advantages of eBooks over their printed counterparts is that readers can quickly and easily navigate through a book with a few swipes and taps. Many fixed layout publications like eMagazines and image-heavy books will be read on a phone, tablet, or laptop. If you want to keep your code efficient, more manageable, and up-to-date with the latest best practices, this book is for you. If you’re creating a fixed layout EPUB, you will need to set particular dimensions (in pixels) for your pages, which will vary depending on the viewing device. Through interviews and real-world examples, the book shares tips to write effectively, demonstrates the importance of writing thoughtfully, and provides methods to partner with the wider team to co-create excellent user experiences. eBook format 101: create an eBook that doesn’t suck. Engage Design for Writers as your creative partner across the entire publishing journey and benefit from a truly integrated approach. A small anchor symbol will appear at the top-right of the pasted element. But how do you know which of the two EPUB formats is right for you? Sometimes when you export a reflowable EPUB, things can look a little messy on the page. For all you Apple lovers out there, this is a great little free app, aimed at designers wanting to create EPUBs for iPads and Macs. How to Create Invisible Text Wraps in InDesign, The Beginner’s Guide to Types of Image File, The 2021 Graphic Design and Illustration Trends to Know Now, Peggy Tuttle – February 2020’s Featured Designer, Images & Templates from our partner, iStock, tips for creating books in Adobe InDesign, InDesign Tutorials | 10 Things You Can Create With InDesign. You’ll have to sit at the front of the computer for hours at a time. The odd day writing here and there; using August to write the bare bones of the entire book in a rough draft. Learn how to give your users clarity, test your words, and collaborate with your team. Note that these recommendations change frequently as eReader technology evolves, so make sure to check back often.